Often a phone call from one of our key executives is all that stands between you and the funding you need.

We can assist you with all of your financial requirements, ranging from capitalization
of construction and risk management to establishing suitable lifelines for homebuyer mortgages.

•  Financial institutions: Our connections at national, regional and local banks
   understand that our clients’ ventures have a high likelihood of success.

•  Insurance funds:
Our network extends to relationships with insurance funds
   that seek real estate investments as part of their portfolio.

•  Joint venture partners: We maintain contact with a premier group of potential
   financial partners with the resources to capitalize major communities.

•  Investors: We stay in close touch with entrepreneurial accountants, attorneys
   and financial planners who can assemble groups of investors.

•  Mortgage financing: Financial institutions throughout the region seek us out
   because of our prominence as a new home Realtor™.

•  Building loans: Through our relationship with Wells Fargo , we can assist
   you with land acquisition and construction loans, as well as construction
   permanent financing.

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