Luxury single family homes at River Creek.
  With ever increasing market fluctuations, and ever-tougher competition, outsourcing is the solution for minimum overhead and maximum performance.

 For all homebuilders & developers: Outsourcing provides competitive services for
   small and medium-sized companies, and improved bottom line for larger ones.

•  Reduced overhead:
You only pay our salespeople when they perform, and only
   then when your purchasers go to settlement.

• Team players: We become members of your team and take pride in your success,
   all while you maintain control of your sales, marketing and budgets.

•  Best salespeople: Recruited only from high performers experienced in your
   submarkets, our salespeople are “the best of the best.”

•  Effective management:
Our Principals assure we meet your goals and objectives
   with hands-on supervision and continuous training.

•  Complementary services: We are always available as members of your team
    to offer you the equivalent services of a large, in-house marketing department.

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