City View condominiums in
Philadelphia, PA.

We offer small to mid-sized companies the power of an in-house, highly experienced marketing department. We offer larger companies an extension of company resources without the cost of fixed expenses, plus the benefit of an experienced, objective assessment of market possibilities.

•  New home sales: We are proud to offer our clients an experienced and
   licensed new home sales team with proven success in condominium, townhome and    single family home sales.

•  Sales management:
We practice real sales management – the kind that only
   happens on-site with coaching, motivating and focusing on real sales issues.

•  Land: We track parcels for key market niches - from a few, select sites to the
   largest properties in the area, both finished and unfinished.

•  Feasibilities/ Research: Local, real-time, comprehensive, tightly focused and
   bottom-line oriented research supports the right strategic and tactical decisions.

•  Product development: Decades of area product experience and demand
   forecasting qualify us to help you hit the niche running.

•  Marketing coordination: We’ll help you put together a comprehensive marketing
   plan and budget, as well as a professional team to execute every facet of it.

•  Community financing: Our area network extends to include the financial partners,    investors and institutions you need to meet your goals.

•  Mortgage services: We are proud to be affiliated with Wells Fargo and other
   quality lenders who can provide you with a competitive mortgage portfolio.

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The Bryan Group, LLC. 1934 Old Gallows Road, Suite 350, Vienna, Virginia 22182
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