We have learned that we need to stress the “5 P’s” of Price, Product, Place,
Promotion and People synergistically to perform at the highest level for you.

•  Price: We will work with you to position your product correctly to its “niche” with
   the right price, managing the bottom line for maximum return.

•  Product :
The experience of our management team over decades and throughout the
   nation can be invaluable in helping you design to fit submarket requirements

•  Place: Our land department can bring the right piece of ground to you, and we
   can research every parcel to make sure the property fits your business plan.

•  Promotion: Our extensive network includes the area’s premier decorators,
   advertising agencies, signage and display companies.

•  People: Our clients come to us for salespeople recognized as the best in the
   industry, as well as Principal and key executive management and top professional

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