Debbie Rosenstein and our Principals put
their heads together to take the guesswork
out of your key decisions.

Whether you are planning a small enclave, a large community, a condominium conversion or a new condominium community, doing your marketing homework beforehand can assure your success.

•  The right information: We provide market research services because having the
   right information in the hands of the right people at the right time is fundamental
   to your profitability.

•  Accurate data:
Because your plans can only be as good as the data they are
   based upon, we provide research that is local, real-time and comprehensive.

•  Research team: Our professional associates include Debbie Rosenstein
   of Rosenstein Research Associates, a nationally recognized feasibility expert.

•  Consumer research: Over the years we’ve conducted focus groups, model home    intercepts and phone surveys for qualitative and quantitative research.

•  Peace of mind: Our feasibility studies and non-buyer assessments can give
   you the confidence you need in your community and product planning.

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