A unique sales management system that leaves nothing to chance is behind our success as one of the largest new home Realtors™ in the entire area.

•  Weekly meetings: Our highly structured weekly sales meetings provide an
   opportunity to share experiences, refresh techniques and receive counseling and
   tips from our key executive team.

•  Sales training:
To ensure that our salespeople never forget that selling is a true
   science and an art, we offer continuous training in critical path, value-based
   selling and emotional involvement.

•  Performance indicators: We measure success in a bottom-line fashion by
   evaluating how well we have met your goals and ours, and by evaluating
   satisfaction of our salespeople, your product and your customers'
   homebuying experience.

•  Key executive supervision: Nothing can substitute for quality time between our
   key executives and salespeople, where techniques are honed, problems are solved,
   obstacles are overcome and additional sales are created.

•  Effective marketing: We are experts in making the most of your walk-ins through    systematic programs designed to enhance contacts and conversions.

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